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Is it possible to traverse racial, cultural and religious lines with positive and thought-provoking content? Yes. Words, images and stories can inspire conversations that drive constructive solutions to global structural and economic problems.

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The Maple Initiative:

Exploring options for a “Two-State” solution to the Israeli / Palestinian Conflict

No.2 of DTES:

Two stories within an opioid epicenter

The Maple Initiative

Moving forward from The Maple Proposal, the MAPLE INITIATIVE seeks to alter the prevailing rhetoric with ideas and concepts and find a realistic solution to the Question of Palestine within the “Two-State” framework.

There are many variations and forms of a “Two-State” soltion to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. None however address the true nature of the underlying problem seperating these two very similar peoples……. until now.

Going beyond the limitations Geopolitical dogma. Going beyond to solve real issues and problems so that all may prosper.

no.2 of DTES


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